Abstract submission

Online abstract submission:

'PARIMICs' receives original research abstracts on the following categories:

  • Radiation protection and patient care,
  • Radiation dosimetry,
  • Planning and optimization,
  • Quality assurance and quality control,
  • IGRT,
  • The role of various imaging modalities in radiotherapy planning,
  • Radiobiology in advanced treatments,
  • Clinical case studies;

The work must be related to modern radiotherapy technology and/ or radiotherapy quality assurance /management. Overall it should be in line with the theme of the conference. Abstracts will be peer reviewed and selected for 'electronic poster presentation' alongside the conference. The scientific committee may consider novel presentations that are closer to the theme of the conference for a particular award.

In order to submit an abstract, the author should register for the conference either as a student or as a regular participant. With the registration confirmation code, authors would have access to the abstract submission page.


Abstracts should be informative and should have originality. They should not have been previously published or be submitted for presentation concurrent to the conference on other national or international conferences or similar events. Submissions will be considered for 'e-poster presentation' in a separate hall than the conference original program.

More than one abstract can be submitted (up to three) by each author. We accept MS Office Word files of up to 600 kB size.


  • The title of the manuscript should be brief and to the point, less than a maximum of 100 characters
  • Abstracts should be solid and maintain scientific standards.
  • Abstracts should be structured to include brief sections of: i) Objective, ii) Materials and methods, iii) Results, iv) Conclusion and v) References.
  • The body of the manuscript, including spaces should be between 1500 and 3500 characters.
  • Each abstract should fit into a single page of A4 (210 mm x 297 mm), including main text, figures, tables, and references with 2 cm margins at the top, left and right sides, and the bottom.
  • Only one graph or figure can be included in the abstract and it must be clear and legible when printed in black and white.
  • The font of the manuscript is 'Calibri (Body)'. The font size should be 16 for the title of the manuscript, 12 for the authors' names, bold 12 for subtitles, and 11 for the body of manuscript and authors' affiliations.
  • Paragraphs should be aligned to both the left and right margins (justified text). Single line spacing is used throughout and one-line space between two successive paragraphs should be left blank.
  • Try to present your results or conclusion with quantitative statements rather than qualitative propositions.
  • Use Vancouver reference system for referencing.
  • By submitting your abstract, you accept full responsibility for its originality and scientific content.


Authors can download our online 'MS Office Word template' and use it to fill in their own content. 

  • To submit an abstract, you should first register for the Conference.
  • Login with your Email and your registration Confirmation Code.
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  • Abstract submission works best in 'Chrome' and 'Firefox'.
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